Why Not?

© Zaha Hadid Architects

© Zaha Hadid Architects

Let’s celebrate our greatest public space - the streets!

Because of the huge amount of space in London dedicated to road space and car traffic, our streets are too often considered only as functions of movement to get cars from point A to point B. But, they are places too. Why not take the opportunity of traffic-free streets to do something outside, and take the time to explore and celebrate your community?

London Bridge Plan - Car Free St Thomas Street.jpg

Move freely & Breathe easy

Fewer private cars on the road = less air pollution. Research shows that air pollution dropped by 89 percent on some sections of the London marathon route in when large parts of London were closed to traffic. One day free from cars would give us all more space to breathe easy.

A vision of the future - London Car free Oxford Street.jpg

explore the neighbourhood

A century ago 90% of trips in London under six miles were made by foot, now many of us get lost without the aid of a satnav or a memorised commuter route. It's no coincidence that places where more people walk and cycle are safer to walk and cycle in, and high streets with walking & cycling provisions are more prosperous. Take the opportunity of open streets for a day to rediscover London in your own neighbourhood, and beyond.